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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Define Friendship..

Define Friendship..
definition of friendship
(1) relationship between friends: A relationship between two or more people who are friends
(2) mutually friendly feelings: the mutual feelings of trust and affection and the behavior that typify relationships between friends.
(3) friendly relations: a relationship between people, organizations that is characterized by mutual assistance, approval, and support.
*********companionship, amity, comradeship, closeness, familiarity***************** ************************************
Friendship: Something that is much underrated in our society. FRIENDSHIP is actually a form of love (im not talking exclusively about erotic love). Friendships seem to have no observable biological necessity (unlike parental love, necessary for humans to grow, and erotic love, necessary for humans to reproduce), and not much of a marketable appeal (as opposed to the million $ worth of items sold to people trying to better their marriages or parenting skills), yet without such a form of love as friendship our societies would be unbearably dull and alienated from one another.
One can love their friends as well as their significant other, just not in the same way (the difference here is quality, not necessarily quantity).
as seen on and copied from facebook :)

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